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With up to ten experiments in designing, manufacturing and implementing a variety of interior and exterior decorations, Akat is ready to fulfill your orders. Dear customers, Using the most quality materials and the most modern designs in the field of selling and executing various types of aluminum fences made by the country. Turkey, such as aluminum fences, designs wood, gold, bronze, silver, and the sale and sale of all types of fences, steel shields, steel stairs, steel covers, and the implementation of a variety of glass fences, such as balcony railings and staircases. We do not compete with anyone; we compete in quality in work and in design differences with others.

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      • 864/5000 The aluminum composite view, in the term, is a combination of multi-materials, which are usually connected in different layers. Aluminum sheet of composite is a low-weight material. The composite aluminum composite sheet consists of three layers, a non-flammable and insulating core called polyethylene and refractory minerals, and two layers of aluminum metal, located on both sides of this core, and these three layers are polymerized to Are connected. The thickness of the two-layer aluminum is the same and between 30 to 50 microns, and the total thickness of the aluminum composite sheet is about 4 millimeters. The aluminum composite sheet sizes are varied, but the most common dimensions are 12,300 × 12500 mm square. The outer layer of aluminum composite sheet The composite facade facing the building facade has a variety of designs and colors depending on the design of the building, and the aluminum backing layer Composite sheet has only one layer of primer color. aluminum
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